• Health Check Extra Introductory Offer

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home.
For a Safe, Fast and Convenient way to discover what's going on... on the inside

Information can now be decoded in such a way that health screening, remedies and treatments can now be accomplished in the same session.
Non Linear Scanners (NLS) use bio transducers and trigger sensors to send and collect information about the state of your body.
Areas of interest where your body has inflammation are automatically identified and clearly displayed on the computer screen, then treated.

Session timings: Please allow up to 2.5hrs for initial screening, then up to 1hr once a fortnight.

Discounts available when booking for 6 intensive sessions or in 5 or 10 blocks.

Power is needed for the laptop, that needs to be positioned so both you and the operator can view the screen.

Consider comfort for your self and the operator.

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Health Check Extra Introductory Offer

  • £198.00
  • £130.00

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