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Health Scanning the Inside Story...

Amazing new technology from Bio Health Tech
completes an automated full body scan.

We help people every day improve their health using Frequency Medicine.
Our Bio Resonance system completes an Automated Full Body scan.
It’s simply the quickest way to ‘Shine a Light’ on what’s going on inside,
showing us the areas under stress that need immediate attention, we treat
over the course of a year.

In this way we can help to quickly restore balance. During a session we also
discuss better food choices and obstacles to achieving health goals.

If you are searching for a better way to manage your health then try out the latest
in computer controlled Bio Resonance systems.
It could provide the answers you have been looking for.

This system is another tool, when used correctly, helps us gain a better understanding of
our body. The ideas of Orthomolecular Medicine and our Immune system are the best tools we have to be able to thrive.
We know that just by juicing, rigorously, we can improve our health, this takes around two and half to three years. With the correct use of technology, we hope to be able to bring this down to two to three months.

My name is Kevin Davies, founder of Bio Health Tech,
there was a time when I did not think this way. A ‘knock to my head’ changed the course of my life. It took a random attack from behind one night that resulted in a severe and devastating head injury. And years later for the doctors to say ‘there is nothing more they could do’ for me to start on my life changing journey, to find out for myself, the best there is for me to thrive, more about that later.

Little did I realise then, how much I would be learning along my road back to health,
about the body, health and nutrition, depletion diseases, body electric, pathogens and
where this would lead me to using ‘State of the Art’ Bio Resonance systems, helping clients navigate their way through their own health cycles.

In the time I have been using these systems I still feel as though we are just scratching the surface of what this amazing technology can do.

We can do a lot during a session with Frequency Medicine. It’s split into multiple parts
of discovery, strengthening, weakening and working ideas.

During a session all the client needs to do is be comfortable wearing our ‘special
Headphones’. The high speed scan starts from the head finding areas under stress. The engaging graphics clearly show what’s going on inside and we spend this time
explaining the information as it is displayed on the screen. With a body structure ‘out
of balance’, a target appears selecting areas of interest, delving deeper down through the structure. Slicing right down to the RNA / DNA, placing a marker on the graphics we
can use later for treatment moving on to the next structures to complete the scan.

When we treat body structures, we strengthen, we simply follow the markers where the
system has pointed us to go, treating from the inside to the outside, but that’s not the
whole story. It took us over ten months to figure out how to effectively work this system, another year to document and release this as a ‘Session Guide’ to help get our customers up and going as quickly as possible.
Another reason for the Session Guides is covered later on, along with more valuable information you don’t want to miss.

We know ‘Frequency Entrainment’ works, just listen to your favourite song and your mood lifts, what those clever guys have done is extended that principle down to the cellular level. What I think is also very clever is the ‘Bio Inductors’, the interface between the computer and the body are conveniently housed in a set of ‘headphone covers’.
Researchers over the years have found the frequencies of good cells, poorly cells and
those in between, we can even predict further deterioration for 5 to 7 years ahead.
What we don’t know is how willing your body is able to change. Can it change when we put the correct information in? Even the correct frequency? Even if we start with the powerhouse of your cells, the Mitochondria, to aid accelerated healing?

And we can show you any improvements in real time.

Our immune system is the best tool we have to regain or maintain our health and when we display symptoms then it’s likely our immune system has been compromised.

Health researchers believe Auto Immune system diseases, along with long term, chronic health conditions are thought to be related to unusually high levels of pathogens.

Later we will show you the way we are able to discover and deal with pathogens. Viruses and Bacteria, those miscreant microbes that keep us feeling ill, another reason
why we don’t heal as quickly as we should.

“I suffer from neuromuscular disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy and when I get ill,
things are pretty serious and messy.
It takes me a few weeks before I fully recover.
By using this Bio Resonance system I was back up and running in just under a week.
That is unheard of for me.” AK, based in Poole.

We have seen the way Frequency Medicine is used to strengthen structures.
Here we look at the way we can discover and weaken pathogens, Viruses and
Bacteria, those miscreant microbes that keep us feeling ill, when our immune
system is compromised.

In my previous life I apprenticed as an Engineer specialising in electronics and computers, ending up working in and around London, life was good until a life changing incident resulted in a severe and devastating head injury. Nothing had prepared me for the new, unfamiliar long and rocky road back to health.
I now write ‘Session Guides’, and Automation Apps, to help make the use of these
complex programs as easy as possible. I never thought I would be writing programs again!
It has taken a lot of dedicated study and hard work on our part to figure out how to
effectively work this system and release it as a ‘Session Guide’ to help our customers get working as fast as they can.
The Session Guides can also be used as a framework to document your speciality when
using this system, for example showing us how to treat the Pancreas, Eye’s, Heart, Lymph, Throat etc. In the future we will have a whole library of guides available, helping each other with this technology.

With chronic health conditions we can show you part of the reason why your body is not healing as well as it could and deal with it.

‘Frequency Entrainment’ works. Health researchers believe diseases are thought to be related to unusually high levels of pathogens. Researchers over the years have also found out that pathogens have a ‘Resonant Frequency’ that destabilises them, making them weaker and
less effective and can even kill them. Royal Rife figured this out back in the 40’s and
there are a plethora of Rife machines out there today to choose from,
but there was still a missing link.

How do we know which is the most

active pathogen to go on and kill?

We started off researching the Liver, Kidneys, Intestines, Adrenals, Thyroid and
eventually ended up with a starting point to discover the viral and bacterial load our
immune system is having to deal with. Armed with this information we can then go
on and destroy them.
Our system catalogues around 130 pathogens, we can find them and destabilise them. From our own research over the last few years with the ideas we are working with, we have found the top 30 bugs in our community, that wreak havoc with our health.

When we ‘De Power’ them, we witness amazing results.

The best explanation I have found about ‘De Powering’ is to use the analogy of magnets. Imagine if you can, your immune system as having a ‘North Pole’ magnetic field and bugs having the same polarity. As they pass each other in our bodies they are
invisible to each other and repel away from each other.
When ‘Resonant Frequencies’ are applied the magnetic polarity around the bug is
disrupted, it changes to a magnetic ‘South Pole’, the opposite polarity to our immune system.
Now, as they pass each other, they are attracted to each other.
With their mechanism to hide lost, they become more visible to our immune system, that
then clears them out in the usual fashion, through our cleansing organs the Lymph, Liver and Kidneys.

By dealing with pathogens and strengthening our immune system we are placing our
bodies in the best possible place to cope with what’s going on.
With a more robust immune system we should be able to cope better with everything,
even things in our environment that nobody has a name for yet!

“When I saw the YouTube video, Kevin explaining about the Bio Resonance system, I intuitively knew that I needed to investigate further, because that “machine” was exactlywhat I have been looking for.”

MZA, Copenhagen

“I left a very stressful job earlier this year, started going to interviews for a new position and in the process decided it was also time to take more care of my health. I was about to accept a job offer when I came across an amazing health system which completely 'blew my mind’. I booked a scan and the rest is history! I now own a Bio Resonance system and have been trained and am working with Kevin Davies.” NB, Christchurch

“I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when I was three and constantly ill as I grew up. When I was older I had the idea to change my diet and have not looked back.
In my pursuit for better health I found Kevin and his Bio Resonance
machine and now working with it.” CB, Bournemouth

We believe that Frequency Medicine is the future for affordable private preventative
health measures. With more research we can only get better!

To find out more about this awesome technology and how it may
be able to help you with your health goals or in your practice,
please call Kevin on 02079 657 548 today
and ask about our Bio Resonance systems for home, professional, clinics or spas

One of the most interesting discoveries you can find out about yourself today!

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